Friday, June 22, 2007

The best bread in Seoul

Daeguowl's observation about the difficulty in obtaining decent bread, now that he has arrived in Korea, reminded me that I have not mentioned the best 'Backerei Konditorei' that we found in Seoul. If you are tired of the wonderloaf, crustless pap that you get in your local Paris Baguette, Tous les Jours or Crown Bakery, then head over to Richemont in Hongik

Richemont bakery. View of the outside , Hongik University.

It's a couple of minutes walk from Hongik University subway station on line 2. Take exit 6 from the station, continue walking along the main road and turn left at the traffic lights on to the road leading up to the university entrance. The bakery is just there on the corner on your left. It's open until 10pm. It's marked on HongdaeHongdae's flickr map.

The bread is a bit more expensive that that of the chain bakeries but it's well worth it. They do a very good sour dough bread.
Richemont bakery, bread selection
The cakes are good too.
Richemont bakery, cake selection
The pastries are difficult to resist
Richemont bakery, savouries selection
But don't get caught out by these savoury doughnuts on the bottom right in this picture. I bought one expecting a sweet sugary jam filling and was surprised by a curry flavour filling of vegetables.
Richemont bakery, pastries selection

If that's too far to travel then the Paris Croissant chain is an acceptable susbstitute. There are branches around the city, there's one at the Gwanghwamun end of the Cheonggyecheong opposite the huge snail-like sculpture.

SaraDevil found a good place for bagels in Daegu, and Queen for a year found the Strohrer bakery in Ulsan, but alas, she didn't let on where exactly.


Nudeviking said...

You want bagels? Go to the Costco in Yeongdopogucheong...or however one would romanize that. Line 2 or 5 next to Dangsan. Costco has a yearly membership fee, but you can get stuff like bagels, muffins, legit coffee, assorted other imported goodness.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted a little interactive map/Flickr slideshow that includes Richemont:

Jon Allen said...

Thanks Mark, I saw that map recently, but didn't notice that it had Richemont on it.

I've updated the post with a link.

It's a clever use of flickr.

Thanks for the tip on Costco ND.

daeguowl said...

Costco's sunflower seed bread is also pretty good if a little pricey. Best bread I've had though was at the Seven Springs it's a buffet I was of half a mind to take a loaf home with me.

Anonymous said...

My favorite bread in Seoul can be found in a small bakery between Shinchon and Hongdae. It's mostly a wholesale place, but you can walk in and buy a loaf off the shelf. It's the best bread I've had in Seoul.

Leave a note on my blog for directions.