Monday, June 25, 2007

Itaewon Restaurant Discount card

This looks like it could be useful if you live in Seoul and eat out or go shopping in Itaewon. American Bill Swisshelm has launched a discount card called Eat-A-One. Members can get a discount of up to 10% at around 30 restaurants, shops and even dance studios in the neighbourhood.

Gold member merchants such as Chakraa, Italonia, La Casa Loca, Pharoah's restaurant, Toque Diner, Namaste restaurant and Saigon Grill offer a 10 percent discount. Silver member merchants, such as Santorini, Smokey Saloon, Flying Pan and Taco Amigo, offer either a discount or a benefit such as a free drink. Discounts only apply to the cardholder and a guest.

There are also discounts at other Itaewon shops such as at the dance studio You Can Dance, Well-Being Shop and the English bookstore What The Book.

A one year membership at Eat-A-One costs only 25,000 won, Bill reckons you could save between 300,000 to 500,000 won a year depending on how often you use the card.

For more details check out his website Story from Korea Times, H/T SeoulSteves.

Update: The card also gives a 20% discount off tickets for the show Nanta. Two tickets will almost save you the cost of the card straight away.


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