Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Japanese Castles

I've just come back from a couple of weeks holiday. During our trip we visited three different castles. Just for fun, no prizes, see if you can identify these three castles .


zoomingjapan said...

Usually it's quite easy for me to identify castles at first sight, but two of them are quite tough.
Maybe those are castles I haven't visited yet.

Number 1 is Hiroshima Castle.

I love Japanese Castles. I've been to about 80 by now.

I'm tempted to say that number 2 could be Hikone, but then from a very strange angle.

Can't wait for the correct answers! ^-^

Japan-Australia said...

Yes, No.1 Definitely looks like Hiroshima Castle which is very unique. Not sure about the rest, so wont hazard a guess. Can't wait to find out.

Jon Allen said...

Good job both you. Correct with Hiroshima.
Today's blog post should give you a clue to the other two!

zoomingjapan said...

Wait, .. so one of these is Kochi Castle? Wow .. guess it's been too long ago that I visited.

Number 3 is Kochi Castle.
Now that I know it's Shikoku, I'm quite sure number 2 is Matsuyama Castle in Ehime Prefecture! ^-^;

Japan-Australia said...

Yes, Number 2 is Matsuyama Castle and Number 3 is Kochi Castle. Well done Zooming Japan :)

Jon Allen said...

Well done both of you. I am duly impressed, you are correct.
Kochi castle had a room with photos of other castles and I could not make out any differences at all.