Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Convex Magnum Opes

No, I don't understand it either. I wonder what the T shirt designer thought it meant?

Ever since I arrived a few weeks ago I have been amazed by the "English" on some T shirts. Here's a few of my favourites :

Flashers Football

Make the green in heart

Dear the Blue

"Pretty good Baby
Choose Juicy"

Juicy Private school, Never go Home

Ask Enquired This is a brand name around here. They use the Union Jack as a logo!

What's this? Gold dust everywhere

Whose fingerprint is this?
...Stop making sense. I've seen this a couple of times now, it always makes me smile

Beaver Hunters Beware

"Morning & Snack

I keep seeing POLHAM everywhere, which is a local brand name, but for some strange reason they like to add the words "THE JUSTIFIABLE" beneath the name on some of their shirts. What are they trying to justify?

Another brand name is HUM, and likewise they feel the need to add a word as well, so you get shirts saying "HUM BRIMMING", which conjures up some very strange images.

I wish I had photos of some of them, but I fear I may get arrested going around photographing young girls wearing T shirts, so the shot of the couple above is the only one I have I'm afraid.

A cute young couple we saw yesterday had matching T shirts: his (in blue) said 'She's my girlfriend' with an arrow pointing to the left, and hers (in pink) said 'He's my boyfriend' also with an arrow pointing to the right. So sweet. Apparently here it's very important to look the same or to have matching clothing when you are young and in love.

I've just added my blog to and I was looking at other blogs in the area. A lot are either in Korean or have not posted to for more than six months but there are some good ones and I found Miss Koco does korea who has also posted about the same subject this morning!

She also has a great photo of the name of a shop in the earlier post. The best shop name I've seen so far is "Wet Pup".


halfmanhalfbeer said...

Jon: a site worth seeing is if you haven't already. One of the best I saw was in Japan, a very demure looking middle-aged Japanese lady was wearing a pretty dress with the word FUCK all over it. In big letters, small letters, in bold, in italics, in different colours. It was hilarious!


Jon Allen said...

thanks, I have seen that site v good.

ian said...

maybe it's akin to the western habit of getting tattoos of oriental symbols, which so far as I can tell, often say "Fruitcake Bus Depot"