Monday, September 04, 2006

Scenes from the inferno

This was the scene at 08:45 on Friday 1st September from inside the apartment :

I quickly exited the building to watch the fire brigade arrive.

The camera crews were on the scene very quickly . All three of the major broadcasters KBS, SBS, and MBC have their headquarters on the island.

And then this was the scene upstairs in our apartment :

Once the fire brigade had gone, the cleanup operation began very quickly and by 2pm when The Bat came home the floor was dry and clean again.

I've just had someone from the insurance company come round. (It is not entirely clear but I am assuming he's from the company insuring the building opposite) We had prepared a list of the clothes and items destroyed and the cost to replace them. He seemed very keen that I reduce it. Maybe this is some sort of custom or bargaining position I'm not sure, but I've stuck with our figures so I am hoping for a payment that will cover the cost of replacing all our winter gear.

I've just been to the COEX Mall this morning to get a new power supply for the Mac laptop. Luckily it was only the power supply on the floor that got soaked and stopped working, not the computer as well. In spite of the apple website denying they have any offices in South Korea we did eventually find an Apple service center and they have very kindly lent me a power supply until they can give me a new one next week.

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Sarah-may said...

Hey Jon and "the Bat"! I can't believe how lucky you were not to get more things damgaed in that fire. It looked like an almighty blaze!! I hope you get everything sorted out soon...
Lots of love,