Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Photos of the Tripitaka festival

After 'The Bat' corrected my English and polished a couple of the sentences on yesterday's post (she is an English teacher after all) she complained that I had not added enough photos to show you more of the atmosphere from the weekend. So here are a few more.

These are some of the monks from the temple, including several female monks on the right, though it is hard to tell.

This one taken was taken at the temple gates:

This is one of the procession almost at the very end, carrying the tablets into the temple storage building.

I've just uploaded them to flickr as well, but they are not visible yet as my account has to be moderated. I've taken over a thousand photos since we've been here. While most of them are not worth the disk space they are saved on, there are some reasonable ones. So, do you want to see more photo on this blog? Please let me know via comments or email.

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Melissa said...

Yes please! More photos are always good.