Sunday, May 27, 2007

The 4th World Ceramic Biennale Gwangju and Yeoju

Not content with visiting the Ceramics Biennale at Icheon, we made trips to both Gwangju and Yeoju sites to get the full expo experience.

At Gwangju the major exhibition was from the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul and showed Chinese and Turkish ceramics from the collection.

At Yeoju we saw the other half of the competition "Ceramics for Use". The Bat took the camera off me and photographed all of her favourites. She enjoyed the works of art so much that she has now created her own blog to show off the photos. Click on over to to see the 40 photos we've uploaded.

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Brillig said...

Hi, Jon! Thanks for popping in at my blog today! It looks like you're having quite an adventure where you are. I've enjoyed reading through your posts, both here and on your java blog (which I should probably study and learn from!)and I'm sure I'll be back. Nice to "meet" you!