Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday things

A few items of interest from the news.

Today was "Dear Leader's" Birthday. The North Koreans are celebrating the 65th birthday of their leader Kim Jong-Il. As a special treat they might get round-the-clock electricity supply during the holiday, instead of the usual limited periods, along with extra rations.

Today the exodus from Seoul starts for the Lunar new year celebrations. About 34 million people are expected to travel to their hometown during the three-day holiday for the Lunar New Year’s Day, or `Sollal’.

At Sollal children are treated to small packets of foreign currency. The Korea Exchange Bank has sold over 360,000 presentation sets of 'sebae’ or good luck money. One set includes a $2 bill, a 10-euro bill, a 10-Canadian dollar bill, 10-Australian dollar bill and 100-yuan bill and costs around 42,000 won. The price is subject to change according to exchange rates. What the youngsters are supposed to do with these small bills is a mystery to me. Perhaps the Western EFL teachers in these parts should start buying them up from the children at a discount.

Seoul City Subway and bus fares will rise by 100 Won from 800 to 900 for those using the smart cards starting from March or April. This is the first rise since 2004. For those paying in cash the rise is the from 900 to 1000. This a contrast to the situation in London where the cash fares are almost double the equivalent fare with an Oyster Smart Card.

However to make up for that Beef prices may fall 23% if American beef imports are allowed again.

Wearing traditional Korean clothing may get you into museums for free according to a new proposal designed to revitalize Korean style and traditions. I would be tempted to borrow some Hanbok and see if it works.

The JoongAng has some eco friendly fashion tips. "Cut out pieces from an old pair of jeans and use glue to attach them to an old pair of shoes." thus turning an old pair of shoes into something even more shabby than before! It sounds like one of the 'top tips' from the comic Viz.


Gary said...

Just starting to write about my "New Year" post too.

Interesting that the fare is going up for the subways.

Any big plans for the weekend? I think this is probably the best time to enjoy Seoul, since so many people are traveling out of town!

Anonymous said...

first time at your blog; i think it's awesome that you are a house husband. my current gf is money-hungry and wants to work; i would love to focus on my design and stay at home in the future. please make a post describing in detail how to reverse the traditional roles of Korea. :P