Friday, February 09, 2007

Upgraded to New Blogger

Notice anything different? No neither do I. Which is good because I just logged into and I was presented with the option to upgrade to the new 'Out Of Beta' Blogger or whatever they are calling it.

It said 'you can skip this only once' so I crossed my fingers and clicked OK. The upgrade requires a Google login. I already had a Google account, which saved some time. After that it took a minute or two before it came up with the message 'All Done'.

Creating this post there is now a line below to add labels which are one of the new features of the upgrade. It will be interesting to see if you need to add something in the template to make the labels appear in the sidebar. I've not read the manual yet!

Another other good feature is that they have added RSS site feed as standard, which is something I have been persuading several fellow bloggers to add to their blogs. This will save you having to go to Feedburner.

The spelling checker is a lot more friendly. It highlights all the problem words in one go and provides a drop down list of suggestions when you click on them.

The only thing that seems to have changed is that the 'I'm A Seoul Man' in the box at the top of the blog is no longer a link to the front page of the blog. I'll fix that next.


Sherrykins said...

You have upgraded to the new Version of Blogger but in reality you are still using the Classic Template in the Old Blogger.

To get the new features you have to go into the template of your blog and choose Customize Design and then you will have terms like Layout instead of Template, Page Elements and labels available to you that automatically show up on the sidebar.

Hope this is of help to you. Sherry

Jon Allen said...

Thanks Shelly. I tried that briefly to see what would happen, but when I previewed it half the sidebar disappeared.
Lucky you can go back without saving.
Looks I need to spend a bit more time before I switch to the new templates.