Friday, February 02, 2007

Win a Free trip to Korea (from the UK)

The Korea Tourist Office in London is running a promotion with the first prize of a return ticket to Korea for two people. All you need to do is register at their site and complete a short survey.

For those of you in Korea who, like Joel, have run out of ideas for things to do and places to go at the weekend, do not despair. Starting Thursday (Feb 8th) the KTO is hosting the biggest domestic travel expo of the year at the COEX mall.
“You will be saying ‘I never knew there was such a place in Korea’ when you see them,” said Park Young-hee, one of the event’s organizers.
He has also selected the photos for a display at the show featuring the work of amateur photographers . Hours are 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Visit the Korea Travel Expo 2007 website to print out a free admission ticket before you go. Admission is 2,000 won at the door, and the Expo runs until Feb 11th. However, if it's anything like a similar show we stumbled upon the last time we were at the COEX mall, there will be no English in any of the leaflets, so don't get your hopes up!

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