Friday, February 02, 2007

Hyundai recruiting Foreigners

For anyone wanting to work in Korea and not teach English, get yourself over to Hyundai Automotive Group. They are looking for expats to work in CorporatePlanning/Strategy, Finance,Sales, Marketing,HR and Procurement. But hurry, applications close on Monday Feb 5th.
Thanks to JoongAng.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed that last week. Interesting development..

Do most IT companies in Korea require fluent Korean to get a job there?

Jon Allen said...

Mostly IT jobs require Korean, but I did recently see one advertised where it was not required. It was working at a branch of a large US Bank.

Aaron said...

I saw that story in the Joong-Ang, too. Since when did that paper become the PR tool for Hyundai?

Oh, yeah.