Wednesday, February 14, 2007

North Korea's 007 and Hennessy XO

Never mind all that boring news about North Korea in the six party talks. North Korea is getting some fuel in exchange for agreeing to maybe let a few international inspectors come in and have a look round. Oh, and if you are lucky, they may break up a nuclear reactor, but they won't actually be dismantling the nukes that everyone is worried about.

This is much more amusing :

It's a spoof movie by some Chinese of the story of North Korea's special agent 007 trying to get a vital part of their country's imports : Hennessy XO for the Dear Leader.
It has been watched 2,839,288 times and received 2,119 comments on a single site alone (6rooms) as of 11:22 PM, February 2, 2007.

YouTube has it in four parts(two three four), the whole 30 minute movie is available here and here too.

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