Sunday, February 25, 2007

How ready are you to leave Korea?

You are 97% ready to get out of Korea

as long as you are exporting the maximum amount of hard currency back to your home bank account you are probably good for another 25 years.

The "Is It Time To Get Out of Korea?" Quiz
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More details later, but yes, sad to say we will be leaving Korea.


Mike said...

Brilliant quiz - but I only scored 63% - looks like I might be stuck here a while longer. Although it does say I'm likely to "explode unexpectedly". Should be fun. (I think I knew this was going to happen anyway).

Sorry to hear you're leaving - but then at 97%, sounds like it's the best idea!

Good luck!

San Nakji said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving Korea, although as Mike said you sound as though you are ready. I do enjoy your photos and posts on all things Korea. It is nice to read a Korea blog without an agenda.

Gary said...

Whoa...fill us in on the details Jon! You gotta keep your blog going back home.

Jennifer said...

Jon, sorry to hear you're leaving. We'll miss all the good blogging. Where are you headed?