Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey, More Free Comedy

Another busy day of free comedy on Sunday. I was going to go to the Battersea Art Centre for something I saw recommended in TimeOut, but the box office was closed and their website was not taking bookings. When I found out the Theatre Royal Stratford East was offering Comedy night: free entry, I thought "It's a no brainer".

I spent the afternoon at the Science Museum followed by a walk through Hyde Park. I nipped into the Serpentine Gallery and saw what I thought were some pretty mediocre, very large photos of very mundane things. Umm, "Modern Art" I thought, or "Kunst" as the Germans like to say. Reading the blurb about the artist on the way out, Norman Demands (yes I'm sure he does) I discovered that actually the photos are not of just mundane things. Oh no. He created those items as life-size paper models; made them as real as possible; then photographed them; then destroyed the models. How weird is that?

Stratford has not got any less dingy than the last time I was there ten or more years ago, though the shopping centre has had a facelift I think.

The Compere was : Dave Ward, supporting act: Nathan Caton. It turned out to be the same guy we'd seen at Jongleurs. He did a longer show but included the same jokes about Nigerian Parking wardens.

The star of the evening was PATRICK MONAHAN preparing his show : "DO THE RIGHT THING" before taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Prepare being the operative word here. He didn't do too badly, but I think he needs a bit more practice.

One last day to go at work before my "Gap Year", as I am calling it, begins.

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