Friday, August 04, 2006

We woz robbed

Many thanks to Lisa of Detica for organising this evenings entertainment. A wine tasting event at Berries wine bar near Blackfriars. It took the form a "Call my bluff" type evening.

We were split into teams and give eight wines to taste. For each wine Chris and Dave, two wine tasting experts, tried to convince us exactly which wines we were drinking. My team of "Corked by the Short and Curlies" with Keith , Pete, Louis and John initially came second. However after a stewards inquiry, but after the prizes had been allocated, it appears that due to an arithmetic error we actually scored more than the "winning team". We could tell the Sancerre from the Stellenbosch; the Verdicchio from the Riesling; the Viognier from the Muscatel and the Chardonnay from the Chablis. On the Reds we correctly identified the Louis Latour Gamay from a South African Gamay and the Blackstone Merlot from the ValPolicella. But we were wrong on the St Jozef Shiraz, it was the Leaping Lizard and the final red was Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, not the Festino Recioto we thought it was. A very enjoyable evening.

Another recent postcard from the bat :

Jongmyo Jerye, The royal Ancestral Rita in Jongmyo Shrine.

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