Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's strange where blogging takes you

As a House Husband I have plenty of time to surf the net. (Don't worry the floors are clean and I just have to go and pick up the dry cleaning before meeting The Bat for lunch) I was supposed to be finding some Taekwondo lessons for us to do to keep fit. This place seems like a good bet, more news on that later I hope.

OK so I got side tracked, one web page led to another and another, you know how they do. Searching for Taekwondo lessons in Seoul I got to this page which led me to read a bit more of the blog which led to to this posting of a dog balancing 32 meat treats on his nose on a Japanese games show which led to a simlar video of someone elses dog doing the same trick which led me to read more of her blog and finally this posting in her blog . She seems to get a pretty impressive amount of hatemail and did you see how many comments she got on her dog?

This blogging lark, it's a funny old world out there. No two blogs are the same, oh except the automatically generated ones. You sometimes find them with generated text and advertising links that I assume are trying to improve the link rate for google.

If you are ever short of inspiration and none of the links on the current blog are of interest just click the "Next Blog" link in the very top right hand corner. I tried that this morning and found June in Korea being sad. What are the chances of finding another blogger in South Korea?

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Anonymous said...

hi john, i found ur comment on my blog about the yoga. i live in suwon, not sure how close that is to you. my email is rod.naph at gmail dot com if ya want some more info.