Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jonathan Allen retires

As is customary when leaving the firm I sent out an email announcing my departure. However I created it and emailed it to mimic the style sent out to the whole company when someone very senior leaves the firm. Needless to say the following email did NOT go to the 23,000 employees at the firm, only a select few were blind copied:

From: Allen, Jonathan
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 12:32 AM
To: 'All Employees'
Subject: Jonathan Allen to retire.

We regret to announce that Jonathan Allen will be retiring from the position
of Production Support Analyst in the PRISM team in Prime Brokerage

Jonathan graduated from Southampton University in 1988. He joined the firm
in Zurich in 1997. He retired from the firm for the first time at
the end of 2003. After almost a year in the wilderness he
was enticed back by a carelessly worded advert on for a
position titled "Application Support, Major Investment Bank Margin System

During his contract Jonathan has worked with a large number of talented,
enthusiastic, and helpful staff from a number of offices and from
different departments.

Please join me in wishing Jonathan and his wife the very best for their next
adventure in Korea, and thanking him for his contribution to the firm.

You can contact him in the future at his private email address
and find out how he copes with retirement in Seoul
by reading his blog :


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