Thursday, August 10, 2006

Major Airport delays

The chap came to collect the boxes this morning. All 33 have been safely loaded on to the van. He said "When are you flying? The airport is completely full, it chaos at Heathrow." "Huh" I replied. "Haven't you heard the news?" "No". After he left I turned on the TV, there was a rolling news update program on BBC one. It turns out the police have foiled a plot to blow up nine or ten planes in mid air, and have therefore raised the alert status to critical. They have arrested 21 people in London , Birmingham and High Wycombe.

All flights not already in the air to the UK are being cancelled.
All UK airports are affected with LHR, being the most the busy, the most heavily affected this morning. The BAA web site could not stand the pressure of so many people trying to find out flight status that it is currently down.

The new measures introduced this morning mean absolutely no hand luggage except wallets and purses on any flights.

I'm not sure what this means for me at the moment. My ticket is for the flight 9:30pm Friday 11th. I'll check Korean air website this afternoon and try and call them tomorrow.

Looks like we have to be prepared for some delays to my arrival!

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