Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Day of Retirement

I was suffering slightly from a hangover this morning after my leaving drinks last night. When The Bat asked where was I going to have my leaving drinks I said the local pub near the office. She suggested why not go somewhere more unusual : how about Tower 42. ( The old Nat West Tower) Booking was easy and last night we had a brilliant view out over the city from 42 floors up, lots to drink and some very good finger food. I am hoping someone will email me some photos to show the view.

I was surprised and delighted yesterday to receive a leaving present of a Ipod Nano. To everyone who contributed I cannot thank you enough, you were all very generous indeed.

So the first day has gone very well. I've been to the bank to transfer a few million Korean Won to The Bat for the deposit on the apartment; I've had a fried breakfast at Cafe Delight on Clapham high street; I've done The Times prize sudoku, just in time to enter the competition and have I've been watching Countdown this afternoon. You can tell who the advertisers are expecting to watch by the adverts : Opticians at home, Stair lifts, Denture glue!

Got another postcard from The Bat :

Books and Scholar's utensils, Embroidered silk. Museum of Korean Embroidery.
Sadly the embroidery does not really come over very well on the postcard, I'm looking forward to seeing it in real life.


Adrian said...

Have a safe journey there and I'll buy you some soju when I get there myself!

Paul Smith said...

You have set the bar so high for leaving drinks. Now no-one who was there can ever leave... ;-)