Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What do think this is advertising?

This lady appeared on a banner near the bus stop yesterday and then we got free sweets attached to a flyer with the same image:

What do you think they are trying to advertise with a lady on the toilet with her skirt round her ankles? Not obvious? Well from what I can see on the back of the flyer it appears to be "CSH Sportsmall Fitness Center". But I could be wrong.

Another cartoon that has got me very confused is this one in the lift in our building:

The bunny either sees the lift has been damaged, or has just done a karate kick and smashed the panel, so he phones Bob the Builder. Those seem easy enough. But then the bunny is bouncing up and down and a small blue creature collides with the life door? Right, well that's clear. Not. But then in the final panel there is an entire zoo / aquarium in the lift, Bob the Builder is now doing ambulance duty with a blue spirit for someone, something that appears to have damaged their foot?
Yes. There are many many things in this country that I cannot begin to understand, and that's before I've even left our building. If there is anyone reading this blog that can ready Korean I would be delighted to understand exactly what message the lift decorators were trying to get over.

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daeguowl said...

The words are a little dull I'm afraid.....

Clockwise from top left:

1. Messing about with the buttons or emergency switch could break them.

2. In the event of a power cut or break down please call us on the phone or intercom.

3.Overloading the lift could cause an accident or breakdown so please be careful not to exceed the stated capacity.

4. Please don't jump in the lift, lean against the door or try to force the door open.

daeguowl said...

The orange add offers a year's golf membership for W500k, squash for W400k and gym membership for w300k....perhaps if you read the small print you also get to perv at the ladies toilets?

Jon Allen said...

Thanks Daeguowl.
The lift notice finally makes sense. Obvious when you know I guess.

As for the squash courts there's no way we can afford that.

Anonymous said...

daeguowl: I think your small print suggestion for the lady on the toilet is spot on! not because I have any insight into Korean language or culture, but because it nearly made me cry laughing. From Dhaka Dog (a non-blog)